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Free Sms Via Internet

Sms is a cheap means of communication and the most popular festive than with MMS or video calls. The average fee is Rp.100 send sms to other operators. If you want to try to sms with a cheaper rate then you can use the internet via sms.

Sms via internet send sms through a website which provides free sms service. So you will be charged only gprs that in fact cheaper than the cost of an sms.
One free internet service provider is http://mjoy.com. Sites based in Germany supports free international sms. Also the shape of a mobile mjoy site so easily accessible via phone (because it is designed for mobile phones). When using a PC can be accessed through the Opera browser, if the Firefox then there are instructions to send a link to the phone mjoy.

How to use:
Open http://mjoy.com
• Click Join
• The contents of the Your Country Indonesia
• Enter your phone number with the format +62 xxx. The function is the phone number to receive confirmation code and then will be the number you see when you send an sms (sms sender number)
• Enter the Security Code
• Click on Register

A few moments later you will receive an sms containing a link. Please open the link and fill out your username and password as you wish. Sms registration made it, when using the number Indosat. At the time tried with Telkomsel number, sms registration is not until.

Send sms:
• Please login using your username and password in http://mjoy.com
• Click the box Free Text
• Click on the icon of an existing + under article Free Text
• Enter the destination number with the format xxxx +62 (sms break into Telkomsel and Indosat, other operators have not tried)
• Insert the sms. Sms to more than 160 characters
• Click the icon to send a letter
• SMS will arrive to the destination number a few moments later with your number as the number of senders. Under the sms content will be advertising "Text for free with http://mjoy.com"
• If the destination number is registered in mjoy, it can not long sms. There will be a link to open the advanced mjoy sms in your inbox.

To be more frugal you can save the page send sms. Or it can also bookmark the page. So as to send an sms, can directly open the page. When tested with Opera Mini and the sun using the saved pages had only spent 8KB data (Rp.8). At the time of this writing there are no limits on sending sms per day.

Sending sms fast enough, probably not many users. But sometimes not until the goal sms. So use for things are not important. If necessary better to use regular sms.

Hopefully useful.

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